Frequently Asked Questions

Yes but the amount of times a decal can be reused is dependent on how carefully it is removed and stored.  If you plan to reuse, simply keep the original backing the decal came mounted on, place back on, and store flat.
Yes it's a great way to get POP advertising exclusive to your dealership or group.  Our in-house designers work with you to build full decal packages or exclusive campaigns.  Get great service and market knowledge at the competitive rate of $60/hr. Supplying your own artwork; we will work with you and/or your designers to provide print ready files.
Yes we will arrange an installer, prices vary depending on your location.  In most markets the cost is $30/ per broadside decal with a minimum of 2 decals.
Decals are guaranteed NOT to damage paint.  No ghosting or residual glue will be found after removal, although you may have a build up of dust or dirt around decal which can be easily wiped clean.
Absolutely, no professional installation is needed, this material is meant to be DIY.  Allows you to adjust and re-install multiple times, making it the easiest vinyl to install, no water required.  Entry level employees are able to do your install as the #s and letters are standardized to limit any custom work (cutting around door handles, windows, etc).  We provide instructional video (online), written instructions, kit with valuable tools, and an installer available by phone.
We suggest that all vinyl be installed at a temperature no colder than -10 Celsius.  On whichever surface the decal is applied to, for best results ensure the area if free of dust and dirt.  A simple, quick wiping of the surface is all you need, no special cleaners or cloths required.
There are few factors that effect the length of time of the advertisement (install quality, weather, etc).  Decals are guaranteed for 30 days, but realistically will maintain quality outdoors well over 90 days. This product is meant to give dealerships the ability to revolve advertising/ feature vehicles on a 30 to 90 day cycle.  Not meant to be a permanent solution.
All orders will ship within 24 hours, unless otherwise advised.  Received at your dealership in Western Canada 2-3 days or Eastern Canada 4-5 days from time of order. Please contact us if you have campaigns that are more time sensitive.
Our decals work great on ANY flat, solid surface including but not limited to: walls, desks, windows, windshields, doors, hoods, roof, interior vehicle.  Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
Feature vehicle and point of purchase advertising is not new in the automotive industry.  This highly successful advertising channel has been neglected, not because it doesn't produce results but because of high effort & cost to run a successful POP program. With DealerPOP, keep up to those quickly changing rates and offers:
  • No more costly installations, DIY
  • Pre-designed products ship quickly
  • Build your offers quickly with inventory of letters and #s
  • Custom options
  • Cost effective