Car Sales During the Pandemic: 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Showroom During COVID

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Car Sales During the Pandemic: 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Showroom During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many changes for businesses. Car sales during the pandemic have been especially impacted. From the way consumers shop for vehicles to how salespeople interact with potential buyers. And, many of these changes are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

So, how can you embrace these changes and make your lot and showroom more inviting during COVID?

We’ve got five effective strategies that dealerships can use to dress up their lots and showrooms. 

These strategies will ensure that customers feel safe when visiting your dealership. These tools can also increase engagement and promote COVID-conscious car sales during the pandemic

Some of these suggestions will have you considering new ways of doing business, even as the world returns to normal.

Here are our top five ways to dress up your showroom during COVID.

Clear COVID Signs

Car sales during the pandemic require your dealership to have a clear COVID plan in place. 

To let consumers know that you are taking restrictions seriously, and what precautions your dealership has in place, COVID signs are a must.

Seeing these signs on your lot and in your showroom will help potential buyers feel at ease when visiting your dealership.

1. Safety Precaution Signs

These signs will ensure consumers are aware of your COVID-19 precautions, even from a distance. They will help to guarantee that your dealership remains a safe space and will be inviting for those interested in visiting your dealership.

Consider placing these COVID signs throughout your lot and in your showroom:

  • Mask required
  • Social distancing required

The larger the signs, the better. Large signs will allow potential customers to see that your dealership is taking COVID precautions from afar.

2. Sanitization Signs

Another way to put potential buyers at ease is to use sanitization decals on your vehicles. With these decals, shoppers can see that a car has been sanitized and is ready to take for a test drive. Using these decals on vehicles throughout your lot will promote test drives and sales by reassuring consumers that you value their health and that they will be safe when testing out a vehicle at your dealership.

DealerPop offers Sanitized & Ready for a Test Drive decals for use on all of your vehicles. These decals can be customized to include your logo and have space for details about the sanitization. DealerPop sanitization decals are also perforated and will tear when the vehicle door is opened. This demonstrates that the vehicle has not been driven by anyone else prior to the test drive.

Additional Use

Sanitization decals can also be used to show customers that their vehicle has been sanitized after a service appointment. This will reassure them that their health and safety is a priority. Therefore, promoting customer retention and satisfaction, even during COVID.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

One of the best ways to interact with consumers during COVID-19 is with point of purchase messaging. 

In particular, DealerPop QR Code Decals offer a great way to interact with customers and promote engagement during COVID. QR codes allow you to provide information to customers at a distance. Providing direct contact via QR codes will ensure social distancing and will put potential customers at ease, knowing they don’t have to interact face-to-face with someone if they aren’t comfortable doing so. Therefore, these decals can significantly enhance car sales during the pandemic. 

These QR codes will continue to add value to your dealership even after COVID. QR codes are making a comeback due to their versatility and are sure to be the way of the future in years to come.

Keep in mind – customers won’t need to download an app to use your QR codes! They can simply open the camera on their phone and point it at the QR. The code will instantly pull up whatever information you’ve linked to it.

There are many ways QR codes can be used. Here are some options to consider as a way to make your showroom more inviting during COVID.

3. Request a Test Drive

QR code decals can be used to allow visitors to quickly and easily request a test drive, without the need to come face-to-face with someone. 

Simply link your QR code to a contact or booking page. Then, apply your QR code decals to the vehicles on your lot. Now, visitors can simply scan the QR code to book a test drive.

This will promote test drives during COVID by guaranteeing potential buyers feel comfortable scheduling an appointment at your dealership. 

4. Vehicle Walk-Throughs

Customers can also use QR codes to view a walk-through of a vehicle.

Set the QR code to open up to a YouTube video that shows a complete walk-through of the vehicle. Then, apply the decal to the appropriate vehicle.

This will help visitors feel at ease, knowing they won’t have to be in contact with someone outside of their bubble to view the interior and under the hood of a vehicle.

5. Provide Contact Details 

When it comes to interacting with potential buyers, handing out business cards is the norm. However, with COVID-19, businesses have been asked to reduce the use of high-touch surfaces. Therefore, handing out business cards may not be seen as an inviting practice at this time. 

Luckily, QR codes offer a great solution. They provide a way of offering potential buyers contact details without the need to exchange a physical contact card.

With a QR code created by DealerPop, customers can simply scan a code and receive a salesperson’s contact information directly to their phone. No need to touch anything!

You can add the following information to a contact QR code:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Dealership name
  • Dealership address
  • Website URL, etc.

The options are endless when it comes to using QR codes for point of purchase materials. 

Consider adding QR decals throughout your showroom and lot to entice customers to learn more about certain vehicles and to contact your salespeople directly.

QR Benefits

One of the most appealing aspects of using QR code decals (other than the fact that they help dealerships increase engagement and can enhance car sales during the pandemic) is that they are dynamic. In other words, you can alter the code at any time in the backend. Therefore, you won’t ever need to reprint it if you need to change the information it contains. 

Did a salesperson get a new phone number? Just update the QR code information in the backend. The same code will now provide this updated contact info!

Did your team create a new vehicle walk-through video? No problem. Just change the QR code link using DealerPop’s QR software (provided with your decal).

Dress Up Your Showroom With DealerPop

Interested in learning more about how to make your showroom and lot more inviting during COVID? DealerPop offers many solutions to help dealerships boost car sales during the pandemic. 

Contact us, via phone or online using our chat option, to learn more about how DealerPop can help your dealership gain and retain customers and increase car sales and services.

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